4 Home Cures For Catfish Sting


4 Home Cures For Catfish Sting

Catfishes are seen in both salt water as well as fresh water. Usually catfishes are found in muddy water. They are named as ‘catfish’ after their famous whiskers present on the mouth area which looks similar to that of a cat’s.

These are one of the bottom feeders which normally consume algae and some among them feeds on fishes and frogs too. There are a large variety of catfishes in which a few are known to be harmful to humans. Almost all species of catfish are found to have poisonous stingers. A sting using this can be painful as well as dangerous. Sting from an eel catfish is found to be fatal.

The sting area may appear red and tender. Mostly the stings are harmless but may result in severe pain and hence should be treated immediately. You can cure the catfish stings very effectively and completely using any of the following home cures.

First Aid

Wash The Affected Areas

Rinsing the stung area using warm water is the first aid to be done in case of a catfish sting. You can also use cold water to wash the affected areas of skin. This is found to be helpful in healing the harsh pain due to the same. You should remove the spines from the sting area before washing.

Home Cures For Catfish Sting

Immerse the affected area in hot water for a few minutes. This can be helpful in relieving from the pain and swelling.  Scrub the stung area using a cloth and wash the wound using plenty of clean water. You should not bandage or tie the wound tightly as this can lead to infection of the stung area.

Scrub For Catfish Sting

Consuming acetaminophen can be helpful in relieving from the pain due to the catfish sting. Taking other effective antibiotics immediately after being stung by a catfish can be regarded as a useful method to heal the pain and inflammation.

In case of venomous catfish sing, dip the affected area in hot water for about half an hour. This will be helpful in removing the toxins as well as diluting the venom which has entered our body. Washing the wound using sterilized soap and clean water is also beneficial in reducing the infection of the sting.

Saline Solution For Catfish Sting

Cleaning the affected areas using saline solution is also helpful in removing the dirt as well as toxin from the stung area. Tylenol and Advil are two of the effective medications that can be taken in case of a catfish sting. This can very effectively reduce the pain plus the tenderness of stung area.

Catfish sting being poisonous and even fatal to us, always try to avoid direct contact with live catfishes. Hold them in your palm and make sure that they do not sting you directly. Applying an antiseptic lotion around the stung area can also help in healing the wound completely.

Medication For Catfish Sting

If the wound finds to persist for many days, seek a doctor for better medication. Normally a catfish sting gets cured by taking 2 or 3 acetaminophen by keeping small time lags. Observe the stung area for the next two days and make sure that the wound is not infected.

Home Cures For Catfish Sting