Home Made Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

Skin is the most exposed part of the body to environmental pollution. Hectic lifestyle and everyday pollution affects mostly skin of face, neck and hands. The skin looses its natural glow and starts showing early signs of aging. To maintain a young looking skin, its daily care is very important. Using face mask is one way of reducing the ill-effects of pollution on skin.

Face masks help in removing dirt and dust from the skin by cleaning it deeply and conditioning it. They revitalize the tired skin and soothe the irritating skin. Use of face mask according to one’s skin type gives the best desired results. Face masks make the skin even, soft and clear. It removes blemishes, black heads and white heads and decreases the appearance of pores.

It removes the tanning due to sun exposure, moisturizes the skin, removes the excess oil and stimulates blood circulation. The face masks can be easily prepared at the home. These masks can be applied any time of the day. Before applying face masks remove all traces of makeup from face and neck. Always apply face-mask over clean and dry face for best results.

Apply a paste of yogurt and honey on face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. This face mask is effective for all skin types. Oily skin needs such face masks which can remove excess oil from the face. Use a face mask containing one banana, one tablespoon honey and lime juice. Apply it for around 20 minute and then wash it with warm water. The lime in the banana face mask removes excess oil from face, so is good for oily skin. Other face masks for oily skin include apple and honey mask and lemon and floor mask. Apple and honey mask can be prepared by mixing grated apple and honey. Lemon and floor mask cane be made by mixing 4 tablespoon of floor, 4 tablespoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of lime juice.

Dry skin needs face-masks which can replenish the skin. Mix half avocado with one fourth cup of honey and apply for 15 minutes. A simple home mask can be prepared by mixing butter and water in equal amounts. Simple banana mask is good for removing wrinkle. If the skin burns on applying any face mask then discontinue using it. Always apply moisture at the end.