Home Remdies for Soothing Sore Muscles

Exerting pressure on your body for extended periods of time can lead to sore muscles. As a matter of fact, any physical activity can invite muscle pain and soreness. Sore muscles can cause a lot of discomfort; can lead to ligament tears, muscle cramps and spasms. Administering herbs to ease the pain can lead to easing the pain and avoiding going to the doctor.

You can use menthol in two ways to get relief from the aches and pains the joints and muscles. Add a few drops of menthol oil to your hot bath and soak in the water for about 15 minutes to let your muscles feel relaxed. When you are in the water, the oil reacts with the sore muscles and it begins to ease the soreness by gently releasing pressure on it. You can also add menthol to a diffuser and place it in the bathroom when you are having a bath. Breathing in the aroma while you are bathing will help to ease muscle tension.

Chamomile is extremely effective in the cure of sore muscles as well. Adding a small amount of the herb to your cup of tea will help to ease tense muscles all over the body. It is a pain reliever due to its anti inflammatory properties.

The juice of freshly grated ginger must be added to olive oil and massaged onto the aching joints and muscles. You will feel the area generating heat; this means that the massage is being effective on the sore muscles. You will begin to experience relief within a few minutes. After the massage; soak your body in hot water to get a natural gentle massage. The massage will increase the blood circulation in the body and will regulate the flow as well.

If the joints or muscles show signs of inflammation; then turmeric will help you. Boil a cup of milk and add the turmeric in powder form to the milk. Add sugar or honey to sweeten the drink. Drink the milk as hot as possible. This will help to heal the inflammation form within. You will also feel instant relief from any spasm pain that you may be experiencing.

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