Home Remedies: Constipation

Constipation is a common problem related to the digestive system. The bowels movement during constipation is not very frequently. Long term constipation may lead to various other diseases. This is because different toxins are produced during constipation and these toxins are the basic source of various disorders.

Apart from difficulty in bowel movement, other symptoms of this problem include bad breath, consistent headache, lack of appetite, pimples and dark circles on the face, mouth ulcer, diarrhea, acidity, gastritis and coated tongue. Sometime constipation may also lead to the complex problem like depression. Regular consumption of unhealthy and unbalanced diet, sedentary life patter, deficiency of water in the body, excessive consumption of beverages like coffee and tea etc. are the basic causes of constipation. In most of the cases constipation can be avoided by drinking plenty of water for the day.

If you are facing a problem of constipation, you should avoid taking strong tea and coffee. Drink good amount of water while getting up in the morning. Intake of vitamins and minerals is very important for avoiding this problem. Always consume diet which is balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Regular exercise is very important for avoiding constipation. If your occupation involves long hour sitting, you are advised to go for walk daily in the morning. Stress and anxiety are also the factors leading to the problem of constipation. You are advised to go for something which can reduce stress.

Consumption of various fruits is very helpful in avoiding constipation. However fruits like jackfruit and banana should be avoided during constipation. Pears are very effective in treatment of constipation. If you are suffering from the problem of constipation, you are advised to include pears in your daily diet. Taking one pear daily in the morning and before dinner in the night keeps you away from the constipation.

Bael fruit is one of the best fruits which gives a quick relief from constipation. It is very effective in rectifying the bowels movement. A regular consumption of bael fruit before taking meal in the night avoids constipation. However furits like papaya, grapes, orange and guava are also very helpful in avoiding constipation.