6 Home Remedies For Anemia


6 Remedies For Anemia

If you usually feel weak and the symptom does not go off even on taking suffiecient rest, then certainly you might be suffering from anemia. Anemia is a condition of nutritional deficiency which results due to low red blood cells count in blood.

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Reduced number of red blood cells mean that less of oxygen will reach body parts. As a result, the suferrer gets easily tired and feels weak.

If the problem persists for long and causes often faints, then it is really important to seek a doctor. Otherwise, you can go with certain home based remedies to deal with the problem.

6 Effective Home Remedies For Anemia


Honey For Anemia

Honey is the sweetest remedy you could find against the problem. It is not only healthy, but also tasty. Honey is a rich source of iron, copper and manganese. These are very essential traces required by the body, but are seldom taken. Honey helps in curbing anemia by synthesizing haemoglobin.

Increased haemoglobin results in increased number of read blood cells. As a result, sufficient amount of oxygen can be transported throughout the body. Thus, if you are suffering from anemia take 1 tablespoon of honey twice a day. It is advised to consume the raw, unprocessed honey as it is a richer source of minerals.

If taking honey directly is difficult for you, take it with anything you like. You can add it to fruits, sandwiches or milk. In fact, you can mix it in a glass of warm water and add a little lemon for taste. The best thing about honey is that you can have it the way you like it.


It is very well known that bananas are a rich source of iron. It is basically iron deficiency that causes anemia. Having fruits/vegetables rich in iron helps in increasing haemoglobin production in body. As a result, the deficiency of red blood cells vanishes.

Banana For Anemia

In order to deal with the problem of anemia, make a routine to have two ripe bananas in a day. For more effective results, you can take honey with banana. Since honey and banana are rich sources of iron, having them together increases the amount of iron in body effectively.

This would bring better and sooner results. You can either have honey along with banana, or another alternative can be to make banana shake. You can then add honey to the shake. This simply mixes the two remedies together.


Beetroot is another iron rich agent which helps in overcoming anemic problems. Juice out a a glass of beetroot and mix additives for taste. You can add honey as well to the juice. Honey not only adds flavour but adds it’s anemia fighting ability to the juice.

Beetroot For Anemia

Finish off the juice in a day. Since it is not easy to finish off the entire glass at once, you can have it at intervals. Just finish it off on the same day as you’ll have to finish another glass on the next day.

If you are not very comfortable with the juice, you can have beetroot raw. Having raw fruit is always better than juicing it. But make sure you eat at least one complete beetroot in a day.


You might have noticed that people tend to massage a fainted person’s hands and legs. This is done in order to increase blood circulation. Increased circulation would in turn supply more of oxygen to different parts of the body, thus curbing the problem of oxygen deficiency. 

Massage For Anemia

Thus, while you are under iron diet to increase haemoglobin, make sure your blood circulates properly in order to maintain proper oxygen supply. This can be done by massaging your feet, hands and arms. You can simply keep it as a daily activity. Massage for around 5 minutes twice or thrice a day.

Avoid Coffee

If you are anemic, say a big no to caffeinated products. Caffeine prevents the absorption of iron by body. Even if you are taking iron in your food or iron supplements, it would not make a difference until you stop caffeine consumption. Strictly avoid coffee if you suffer from anemia, else the results might be worst.

Avoid Coffee For Anemia

Sun Bath

Exposing the sufferer to complete sun bath can be another cure of anemia. Sun bath stimulates the production of red blood cells in body. The basic idea is the same, more of red blood cells would carry sufficient oxygen to all parts of the body.

This would help in dealing with the issues related to anemia. Let the anemic go for sun bath at least once a week. Make sure the sun bath does not hurt as prolonged exposure to solar radiations may lead to other problems such as tanning.

Sun Bath For Anemia