9 Home Remedies For Anemia


9 Remedies For Anemia

Anemia is a condition due to which a decline in the amount of hemoglobin or red blood cells can be noticed. Anemia is one of the common ailments noticed among the human beings. Insufficiency of any of the basic nutrients required in the formation of red blood cells can be the main reason for the illness.

Causes Of Anemia

Reduced production of the red blood cells (RBC) is one of the main causes behind the disease namely anemia. Defects seen in the bone marrow can lead to the decreased production of the red blood cells.Lack of iron in the body can result in diminished RBC production and thus in anemia. Decreased intake of vitamins chiefly vitamin B12, proteins etc. can be considered as another main cause for anemia.

Hookworms Is Cause Of Anemia

Unwarranted loss of blood because of a wound, bleeding piles etc. can result in anemia. Increased flow of blood for the duration of menstruation in women may also cause anemia. Some of the unrelieved ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and cancer can also give rise to anemia.Presence of intestinal worms like pinworms, hookworms etc. can also cause anemia. This is the major cause for anemia in kids. Dearth of HCL acid inside the stomach is as well considered as one of the important causes for anemia.

Symptoms Of Anemia

The person being ill with anemia may also suffer from a constant chest pain which can be considered as the main symptom of the disease. Dizziness can be noticed in the patients suffering from anemia.The patient may feel extreme weakness along with fatigue. This is a chief sign for anemia. Severe headache can be also noticed in the person suffering from anemia.

Dizziness Is Symptom Of Anemia

Constipation is also noticed in the patients suffering from anemia. The hands and feet of the patient may become cold and the skin may turn pale colored due to the excessive loss of blood. These are the other major symptoms of anemia.Difficulty in inhalation can be noticed in the patients suffering from anemia. The patients may also have an enhanced heart rate. The lips and nails of the patients may also get decolorized due to the loss of blood which is another main warning sign for anemia.

9 Home Remedies For Anemia

Vitamin B12 is essential in the treatment of anemia. Meats like liver and kidney are rich in vitamin B12 and thus can be liberally included in the diet of the patients suffering from anemia.Beet roots are proved to be very helpful in the treatment of anemia. Beet juice, being rich in phosphorus, copper, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin P etc. is very valuable in the treatment of anemia as this can help in increasing RBC count in the blood. Beet is used as a home remedy for anemia in case teenagers and children.

Vitamin B12 For Anemia

Fenugreek leaves are found to be advantageous in curing anemia. Fenugreek leaves being rich in iron, can very effectively help in the production of blood. The fresh leaves of fenugreek leaves can be cooked and then can be taken once in a day. This is found to be a significant remedy to prevent anemia in adolescent girls.

Fenugreek For Anemia

It is proved that anemia can be cured very efficiently using lettuce and is one of the commonly used home remedy in the case of anemia. Lettuce, being rich in iron and other nutrients, can be taken as a tonic for the ailment. Increased intake tea and coffee has adverse effect on the absorption of iron. Thus, these food items should be avoided from the daily diet of the patients.

Lettuce For Anemia

Spinach is very valuable in the treatment for anemia as this can help in the creation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. This leafy vegetable can be taken abundantly along with other meals which is helpful in preventing and curing ailments like anemia.Soya bean is a good home remedy in the case of anemia. Soya bean milk can be given to the patients suffering from anemia as it will be easy for them to digest the milk rather than the soya bean itself. Soya bean being a source of iron and proteins, it is essential in the treatment of anemia.

Spinach For Anemia

Almond is an excellent source of copper, iron and vitamins. Since these minerals are essential in the treatment of anemia almonds are proved to be very valuable in alleviating anemia. About ten almonds can be drenched in water to remove the red skin. These almonds can be grounded to paste and then can be taken once every day as a part of the treatment. This can be continued for about a month for the best results of the treatment.

Almond For Anemia

Sesame seeds especially black sesame seeds are proved to be beneficial in curing anemia. One or two teaspoons of sesame seeds can be soaked in water and then can be made in the form of a paste. This paste can be dissolved in about 200 ml of milk along with jaggery for taste. This can be taken daily in the morning which is found to be very efficient in curing anemia.

Sesame Seeds For Anemia

Honey is an excellent medicine which is very helpful in the increased production of hemoglobin. Honey must not be given to the infants and kids who are affected by anemia as raw honey can create other problems like botulism in them. Raw honey can be therefore used only in case of adults being affected by anemia.

Honey For Anemia

Bathing in cold water is significant in healing the ailments like anemia. The patient should have a cold bath twice daily for the better results of the treatment. Coldness of the water can be increased slowly but surely. An Epsom salt bath is also beneficial and can be taken once or twice in a week.

Bathing For Anemia

The patients suffering from anemia should be provided with a diet enriched with food items like cereals, milk and milk products, egg, fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. as these diets can be helpful in increasing the rate of cure. These food items are proved to be best in increasing the immunity of body as well.

Diet For Anemia