5 Home Remedies For Ankle Pain


5 Remedies For Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is really very disturbing and often causes difficulty in mobility. Pain in ankle can occur due to several reasons like bone fractures, muscle strains, gout, joint degeneration, and obesity. It is very important to get rid of the pain in ankle, so that flexibility of the ankle can be improved.  Ankle pain is often accompanied with swelling and inflammation, and is really a cause of great concern.

There are several home remedies which can be of great help in dealing with ankle pain and swelling. A few effective home remedies for reducing ankle swelling and pain have been discussed hereunder.

Home Remedies For Ankle Pain


Rest For Ankle Pain

Doing appropriate rest is very important to subside the pain and swelling in ankle.  It is suggested not to move the ankle as far as possible so that the inflammation, pain, and swelling in ankle are not aggravated. Overusing the ankle may aggravate the pain and worsen the condition.

So, it is advised to restrict the movement of ankle to speed up the recovery process. In case, you need to move, it is suggested to provide support to the ankle with the help of bandage. This would immensely help in reducing ankle pain during movement.

Garlic And Coconut Oil

Garlic And Coconut Oil For Ankle Pain

A mixture of garlic oil and coconut oil when applied on the ankle would help in reducing both swelling and pain. The mixture is warmed up in microwave and then massaged generously onto the ankle for around ten minutes to attain relief from ankle pain and swelling.

Ice Pack

Applying ice pack on the affected area of ankle is one of the best home remedies to reduce pain in ankle. Ice is wrapped with the help of bandage around the ankle and allowed to stay for around half an hour before being removed.

It is recommended to lift the ankle above the chest to reduce the pain and swelling. Swelling is the major cause of pain in ankle. By applying ice compression over swollen ankle, the pain would be reduced to a great extent.

Ice Pack For Ankle Pain

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Cabbage is a very good source of essential vitamins and minerals which help in treating various kinds of ailments. The outer leaves of cabbage are collected and blanched before being applied directly on the swollen ankle.

The blanching process is carried out by boiling cabbage leaves in water for a few minutes and then placing them in chilled water immediately. The leaves are allowed to remain on the ankle for around thirty minutes before being removed.

Cabbage For Ankle Pain


Strengthening an ankle is very important to speed up the healing process. The most beneficial exercises for reducing ankle swelling and pain include stretches and range-of-motion exercises.

The flexibility of the ankle would be improved to a great extent with the help of carrying out these exercises. It is recommended to carry out the exercises, once the ankle pain gets reduced to some extent. Carrying out ankle exercises in extreme pain may worsen the condition of the ankle.

Exercises For Ankle Pain

The tips given above would help in treating ankle pain and swelling naturally. However, if successful results are not obtained, pain relievers and drugs, as prescribed by doctors can be taken to reduce the pain and swelling.

Remedies For Ankle Pain