Home Remedies For Ascorbic Acid Deficiency

Ascorbic acid is known as Vitamin C. Deficiency in this vitamin leads to scurvy. In the earlier times the deficiency and the disease was only common to sailors who went on long voyages; however the deficiency grew and spread to children and other adults. In the first stages of the disease you will not experience any symptoms; however in the later stages you will experience bleeding of the gums as the deficiency makes the capillaries weak and easy to rupture. The disease is caused by lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Stress is another factor that leads to the disease.

How to treat disease

The Indian gooseberry is the richest source of vitamin C. Crush equal amounts of sugar and gooseberry and have a spoon of the powder two to three times a day. You can also mix a spoon of the powder with milk and drink it before you go to bed at night.

Lime and lemon are also rich sources of vitamin C. Eat the fruit or juice the fruits and drink it fresh for best results. You can also add dried mango powder to the juice and drink it along with your meals in order to get the maximum number of nutrients at meal time.

A study in Europe linked the outbreak of the disease in the country only when the potato crop failed. Since potato is a rich source of Vitamin C; nearly 17 mg of Vitamin C is found in 100 grams of potato it is considered to be one of the best cures for the disease. Boil, fry or bake the potatoes or add them to your food preparations and you will not only enjoy a healthy delicious meal but also ensure protection against Vitamin C deficiency.

In order to protect infants from developing the deficiency, breast milk is the best solution. The milk is fresh and pure and in the right proportion of all the nutrients and minerals that the infants need. After the age of 1; children need to be introduced to fresh fruits. These ensure that the child is given further protection after the mother stops breast feeding. You must also include whole grain bread in the child’s diet along with cereals.

A good diet is very important in order to avoid and treat scurvy. A person suffering from the disease must consume seeds, nuts, grains and vegetable oils that are rich in vitamins in order to ensure a speedy recovery.