Home Remedies For Baby Colic

When a baby who is ‘well-fed’ cries continuously for over three hours a day then that baby would be termed as a colic baby. Normally a baby suffering from colic tends to cry for about three days of the week. In order to determine if your baby suffers from baby colic then you should make a record of his or her crying habits and make a note of the time as well as the duration and maintain this record for three weeks.

If you notice that the baby’s crying pattern is repetitive in nature then your baby does suffer from colic. Baby colic can be present in babies who are healthy and physically fit and though this condition is distressing please remember that there is nothing to get worried about as this condition can be treated easily with a few simple home herbal based remedies.

Take about a tablespoon of fennel seeds in a metal tea ball strainer. Immerse the tea ball into boiling water and let it simmer for about five minutes. Once this is done remove the tea strainer from the mixture and let it cool down till it is lukewarm. This water should be used to prepare the baby’s formula instead off ordinary water. The recommended dosage would be about 2 ounces of the water mixed in the formula per feed.

In case your baby eats bigger portions then use the required quantity of the mixture. If there is any mixture that is remaining you can store it in the refrigerator and reuse it after warming it up.

Another simple home remedy that is effective in relieving colic is a tea prepared from caraway seeds. You need to boil a tablespoon of caraway seeds in a cup of water. If you would like the tea to be a little stronger then use less water. Once the tea is ready strain the seeds out and discard them. You can add a little sugar or sugar syrup to sweeten it however avoid using honey. Make sure that your baby has this concoction as warm as possible but take care to make sure that it is not very hot. The caraway seeds burst the gas bubbles that cause the discomfort and this give the baby relief from the pain.