3 Home Remedies For Back Pain

3 Home Remedies For Back Pain

Almost everybody gets back pain at least once at any stage of the life. It is a common problem among the people who are involved in intense physical activities. However, in some cases you can also get back pain without a clear reason. Such back pain is termed as chronic back pain. Excessive use of back is a major reason for this problem.

Injury to any of ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles may lead to back pain. If your occupation involves sitting for long hours, you may get back pain. In some cases the pain is severe and we are not able to concentrate on our work. The complications like infection of kidney, constipation, prostate problem and pelvic disorder in females can also be responsible for the back pain. You can also get back pain during pregnancy. Apart from these other factors responsible for back pain are lack of balanced and nutritional diet, muscle tension, microtrauma, strain etc.

pain killer

Take pain killer to get rid of the back pain is a generally practice in the society. However, a regular and long term use of medicine based pain killer may lead to different health complications and hence, avoiding these pain killer is considered to be a wise decision. In case you want to use something other than medications for getting rid of your back pain, you can go for some simple home based remedies. A message with essential oil helps in reducing the back pain. You are not supposed to lift heavy weight during back pain. In order to put the back in comfortable position, you should sit on the firm chairs. This will help in controlling the back pain.

Back Massage

Take approximately 250 ml of warm mustard oil, mix pieces of camphor in it and message the affected area slowly for few minutes. You can repeat it twice a day for two or three days and you will find that your back pain has gone. This will relax the muscles of affected area and will reduce the back pain. Yoga is also very helpful in getting rid of the back pain.