Home Remedies for Backache

Back pain is one of the most common aches that human beings suffer from and is the most difficult to cure. Some of the common causes of backache are bad posture, sleeping on a bad mattress or in a bad that is smaller than your height or your body weight. Pregnant women suffer from acute back pain due to increase in weight and the strain on the back. One common cause for backache among women is the use of high heeled shoes.

If you suffer from severe backache then you must consult your physician, however in the case of general ache you may try a few home remedies. If the ache still persists then find your way to the physician immediately.

Some helpful home remedies

Gently massage your back with eucalyptus oil. Have a hot water bath or a steam after the massage. The oil will penetrate into your skin and relieve the tension in your back.

Eat plenty of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and cucumber. You may choose to steam vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and spinach. Eat a lot of fruits especially pineapple but avoid bananas.

Control your weight gain in order to reduce the tension on your back. While lifting objects do not take the weight on your knees but firmly lift the objects by bending your knees.

Try adding aromatic oils like lavender and chamomile to your bath water. They are known for their healing and soothing powers.

There are plenty of over the counter creams available to massage into your skin but before buying any try out a mixture of garlic fried in sesame or coconut oil. Massage the oil for 15 minutes and lay on your stomach for 3 hours. Regularly place a hot towel on your back to steam the area. Have a hot water bath after 3 hours and feel the wonders of this simple home remedy.

Last of all drink lots of water in order to remain hydrated and maintain a good posture. If your job requires you to be seated at all times make sure your back is always straight. Stand up every 30 minutes and stretch every hour or so. Do not slouch on your seat. Arrange the height of your chair to your height and ensure that your feet touch the ground so that your body weight is on your buttocks and you feet and not on your lower back.

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