Home Remedies for Bad Breadth

Bad breadth generally occurs due to the foodstuff stuck between the teeth and gums. Unpleasant odor occurs when it decays within the teeth and gums. Some food like alcohol, tobacco and some of the drugs causes mouth odor. The main cause of bad breadth is microbes set down over the tongue.

Foodstuff like onion and garlic consists of compounds causing odor, which enters into bloodstream, then to lungs from where it is exhaled. Mouthwashes reduce the mouth odor temporarily. Prolonged use of an effective mouthwash can reduce the problem of bad breadth. The condition of Dry mouth can also cause mouth odor. This problem arises when saliva flow reduces. There are many home made remedies for bad breadth like a person should brush teeth with baking soda and after that rinse mouth with warm water.

Scraping tongue regularly with tongue scrapers helps in reducing bad breath. Rinse mouth with water with lime juice. Chew some alfalfa, after having onions, garlic. Chlorophyll in this removes the bacteria in oral cavity. Drinking green tea is also useful. A person should avoid having cheese and other odorous foodstuffs. Drinking a lot of water is also helpful. Brush teeth with sage and peppermint.

There may be any infection in mouth which a person might not aware of, which is responsible for bad breadth. Vitamin A and B helps in healing process of it. Tooth brush should be change every month as bacteria can not develop back into mouth by the brush. Teeth should be brushed after every meal. Fennel seeds are good to avoid bad breadth after meal. Leaves of Tulsi or Jamun if chewed can prove to be very good remedy for bad breadth.

Brushing teeth with neem twigs is also good. Eating guava with salt is good to avoid bad breadth. Even all the fruits rich in Vitamin C like sweet limes, lemons, oranges are good to prevent bad breadth. Mouth washes with eucalyptus or thyme oils if used regularly help in killing bacteria that causes mouth odor. Add chopped parsley sprigs and cloves in boiled water. This can be used as mouthwash twice a day. This is very effective remedy for bad breadth.