Home Remedies for Bad Breath

We are all conscious about our breath. For years I would wake up before my husband just to brush my teeth so that he would not smell my morning breath. While some may call in insecurity, I call it good oral hygiene. I wouldn’t be caught dead with morning breath. If I didn’t have time to brush I would pop a mint or a chewing gum into my mouth first thing.

In important social gatherings like at the office, a date, a meeting with business partners or friends it is important that your breath does not revels the remnants of your last meal or your cigarette.

First and foremost you must avoid eating raw onions, garlic and ginger before a social meet. This cause a particular odor in your breathe that reveals the identity of the food. It can also send the person on the other end running miles away from you. If you have indulged in such food then you must wash or rinse your mouth with warm water or a mouthwash. A wise choice would be rinsing your mouth and then chewing on some gum.

Bad breath can be due to the bacterial growth on your tongue. You must brush your tongue regularly and then wipe a clean towel over it to eliminate any deposits on it.

You must keep your mouth moist and your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This helps to release any the toxins from your body and eliminate the waste from your body. Often constipation or acidity leads to release of bad air from your mouth. Drinking warm water helps to have good bowel movements which initiate bowel movements that help to eliminate waste.

You must be aware that if you use gum to keep your breath in check, you must use sugar free gum as it helps to keep the sugar content low. Often gums that have sugar in them have deposits of the sugar remaining on your teeth and relief to bad breath may cause potential danger to your teeth.