Home Remedies For Bedwetting

Bed wetting is also known as enuresis. Bedwetting is an involuntary urination while asleep of a child which is now most common disease. They are the parents who normally wake up every night to check their child, may be even to disturb child’s sleep to check on whether a kid wants to urinate. And when they urinate the parents used to change their bed sheets.

The various causes of bed wetting are immaturity of the nervous system, bladder size that is small and cannot retain the urine overnight, hormonal imbalance etc.

The best home remedy for bed wetting is to give your kid six to eight OZ of cranberry juice an hour before going to bed. Another best remedy is to eat two teaspoon walnut halves and one teaspoon raisins before going to bed. Another good home remedy for bed wetting is to give a drink of herbal tea made from herbs like oak bark, horse tail, worm wood or bear berry.

One should avoid giving liquids before bedtime to their kids and be sure that kids empty the bladder before going to bed. Another effective bed wetting cure is to give your child a thigh massage,