Home Remedies For Bee Stings

Bee Stings

Bees generally don’t have a tendency to sting. If you don’t trouble them or not poke around their nests they will hardly sting you. Mostly bee sting can cause pain that can lasts from hours to few days. Honey bee can sting only once, without stinger bee dies. The bee injects venom into the skin during the stab.

Usually people have only local reaction such as red swollen skin with painful itching but some people can have dangerous allergic reaction by bee stings. About three percent of the population can have allergic response to a bee sting. A dangerous anaphylactic response can occur to some people. Allergic reaction can occur at constant interval as far as insect’s venom is inside. The person can even have problem like sting bite nephritis. A serious state involving swelling and breathlessness can occur or the person can even choke.

Aloe Vera

Many home remedies of bee sting are there which can prove to be helpful. Rubbing soaked aspirin over the stung region can neutralize inflammation. Applying honey can be good. Putting vinegar over the affected area can be also helpful. Apply a half cut tomato over the sting for 5 minutes. Try to remove stinger by fingers or tweezers. Prepare a creamy paste of baking soda with water then make a smear over the sting. Swabbing with ammonia water and with cotton will also be helpful. Dissolve little borax in water and apply it, this will lessen the pain of wasp and bee stings. Rubbing a plantain leaf can also be helpful. Put ice over the inflamed area. Applying Aloe Vera over the area is good. Keeping a slice of white raw onion is one of the best home remedy.


Apitherapy is treatment for the people having a possible threat for allergy to the bee stings. This process also helps in treating disease like multiple sclerosis. Before going through this therapy a person should first get tested for allergy to the bee venom. People with heart problems and diabetics should avoid this. Pregnant ladies should be also careful.

Home Remedies For Bee Stings