Home Remedies For Bruises

For those who are light skinned the bruises on your skin show easily and lead to a series of questions about the origin of the marks. While most are not the kind to leave scars, some bruises do. bruises

While you can easily camouflage them with foundation or concealer, care must be taken so that the bruises do not leave a lasting impact on your skin.

Beneficial Home Remedies For Bruises

The moment you get bruised use an ice pack on the affected area. The cold compression will minimize the effect of the bruise and limit the soar area of scars. If you don’t have access to an ice pack then apply ice directly to the affected area. Leave it on for a few minutes then remove to let your natural body temperature provide the heat.


If your skin has not ruptured then rubbing raw onion slices on the skin will minimize the effect of the bruise.Applying cold water not only reduces the pain but also subsides the swelling on the area.An uncooked egg if massaged onto the affected area is known to provide relief to the area.


An onion dipped in apple cider can provide relief and eliminates the blue marks on your skin.Apply Aloe Vera on the skin immediately. The cooling property of the Aloe provides instant relief. Since it is natural you can massage it onto the skin even if it has broken.

aloe vera gel

Rub and gently massage milk or the cream of the milk onto your kin. The lactic acid in the milk reacts with the natural chemicals in your body to provide soothing relief and keeps you free of marks.Parsley has a herb is loaded with vitamins and hence helps in curing bruises and broken skin. Grind it to a paste and apply it to the affected area and wash of after an hour.


If the skin is broken then immediately add fresh turmeric powder to it. Cover the wound completely with it. This helps to stop any bleeding as well.