5 Home Remedies For Bursitis


5 Home Remedies For Bursitis

Bursitis most commonly occurs in the joints of the shoulders, knees, hip, thigh ankles and elbows. When the bursae in these joints become inflamed it is known as bursitis. Bursae are small sacs located adjacent to the tendons near the joint.

These sacs are filled with synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant and which cushions pressure, reduces friction and lubricates the points between the muscles, tendons and the bones near the joints. Because of this, we are able to move our joints easily and effortlessly.

When small crystals form inside the bursae, they become inflamed. Pressure is increased on the joint which causes fever, tenderness, pain and loss of movement. Infections, age, aggressive use of the joint, and injuries are some of the causes of bursitis.

5 Top Home Remedies For Bursitis


Pineapple For Bursitis

Pineapple is a delicious and tempting fruit. This exotic fruit is full of nourishment and healing benefits. Its main constituent is an enzyme known as bromelain.

Bromelain is very effective in diminishing the swelling caused by bursitis. Drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice daily. As the swelling abates the pain will gradually subside and you will be able to move your joint with no trouble.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is a very refreshing and nourishing drink. It is an extraordinary source of vitamin C which is required for the repair of wear and tear of the cells in the body. It boosts the immune system and strengthens the body.

Orange Juice For Bursitis

Its antioxidant properties remove the harmful free radicals and help to regenerate the cells which produce the synovial fluid in the bursae. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the swelling and the tenderness. Drink fresh orange juice twice daily.

Fish Oil

Fish oil besides providing vital strength to the body also helps in curing and healing a number of diseases and disorders. It is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids which not only reduce inflammation but also keep the tissues and its cells strong and healthy.

It dissolves the crystals in the bursae and prevents new ones from developing. Take two teaspoons of fish oil regularly. The new energy infused by fish oil into the tendons, muscles and bones surrounding the joint will increase mobility and flexibility.

Fish Oil For Bursitis

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Fill an ice bag with some ice cubes and place the bag directly on the swollen area. Keep the bag in place for about fifteen minutes. Repeat this process three times everyday. Ice will mitigate the inflammation and reduce the swelling inside the joint and this in turn will reduce the pain.

Ice For Bursitis

Flax Seeds

Flaxseeds are gaining more and more popularity as an alternative treatment for various diseases and disorders. These seeds besides being rich in a host of nutrients are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are crucial for bone and tissue health.

These anti-inflammatory and antioxidant fatty acids alleviate the pain and swelling and provide strength to the tissues and the tendons. If you eat two tablespoons of flax seeds with your cereal everyday, you will find that you are able to move your joints without any pain.

Flax Seeds For Bursitis

Home Remedies For Bursitis