Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is very common disorder of digestive system. During constipation there is a irregularity in bowel s movement and as a result toxins are produced which reach different parts of our body through bloodstream. This results in a number of other disorders in our body.  The constipation may lead to the disorders like arthritis, appendicitis, high blood pressure, rheumatism etc. Hence, constipation can become a serious problem if proper treatment is not given in time. However, small care at home can avoid the problem of constipation completely.

Various home remedies are being practiced to avoid constipation. Some of these have really proved to be a boon in constipation treatment. These remedies are easy to use and the things used in these remedies are easily available at home. These remedies have no side effect and they are available at considerably low cost.

Our life pattern and eating habits are the major cause of constipation. The symptoms of constipation are difficulty in exertion of faecal material, foul breath, depression, headache, coated tongue, pimples in face, frequent ulcer in mouth, dizziness etc. If you find one or more of these symptoms in you, you might have the problem of constipation. However, taking too strong coffee or tea, drinking insufficient amount of water per day, less chewing of food eaten and a deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients in the body are the other factors leading to constipation.

Fruits are very helpful in avoiding constipation. With exception of fruits like jack fruits and banana, all fruits help in regulating the problem of constipation with some helping more and the other less. The best way to avoid the problem of constipation is to take bael fruit on a regular basis. This fruit is most helpful in constipation. However, fruits like guava, orange, pear, grapes and papaya are also helpful in this problem.  You can take papaya during breakfast or the oranges in the night while going to the bed. Ensure that if you are eating guava, eat it with its seeds. Seeds help in easy evacuation of bowels and thus prevent the constipation. Lemon is also very helpful in constipation. You can drink lemon juice mixed in water along with salt while going to bed in the night and while rising in the morning. This help in regulating the problem of constipation.