Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Today’s life style has become so hectic that people don’t have time for themselves. Working long hours generally during night has become a habit. This habit has given way to many health complications among people at their young age. One of these complications is the dark circles under the eyes. Earlier dark circles were being observed only in old aged people. But now this problem has become very common in individuals of young ages also.

Dark circle is a skin problem which occurs, as the skin under the eyes is very thin. When the skin under the eye gets exposed to stress and harsh sun rays, the skin starts damaging and becomes more thin and wrinkled. Due to this, the veins below the skin become visible. These wrinkles are visible veins form dark circles.

There are many causes of dark circles. Most common causes are lack of sleep, stress, tiredness or some disease. Other causes include genetic factors, nasal congestion and aging. Dark circles are therefore difficult to be removed completely. But daily care and keeping certain precautions in mind can help in controlling dark circles to a larger extent. Always drink sufficient water daily to keep the skin under the eye hydrated. Lack of sufficient water makes our skin dry.

The skin around the eye lacks oil glands so it needs external sources to maintain its moisture. A good sound sleep of seven to eight hours is necessary for people with dark circles. Always remove all the creams applied on the face before going to sleep. Placing slices of potatoes or cucumber over the closed eyelids for half an hour is the best home remedy for dark circles. This application soothes and relaxes the eyes.

There are many herbal home remedies for dark circles under the eye. Mix turmeric powder with pineapple juice and apply its paste on dark circles. Give your eyes a regular massage with almond oil for two weeks. Almond oil is one of the best treatments for reducing dark circles. Massage the under eye area with vitamin E capsule powder and then remove it with mixture of egg white and honey. Many herbal treatments are available for removing dark circles. But these treatments are not going to give you full benefits if you will not pay attention to your diet. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A and you will get the best results.