Home Remedies For Dry Eye Lids and Skin Infections

Dry Eye Lids and Skin Infections

The skin on the eyelids is extremely delicate and this is the main reason why it is prone to dry skin and infections. The irritation on the area is caused due to this reason. Though the most common reason for the infection is perceived to be eye make up; nail polish is the main culprit.

When you touch your eyes; the chemicals from the nail polish transfer onto your eyes and this leads to an infection. While looking at remedies for dry eyelids you must keep in mind that the skin in the area is sensitive and thus the remedies need to be gentle.


There are several eye creams and lotions that you can use on the area in order to treat the dry skin. Dip the tip of your last finger in the cream and gently massage the area with your finger tip. Apply gentle pressure on the area so that you increase the blood circulation; this will help to prevent further drying in the area. Products that claim to fight wrinkles and early signs of aging are the best products to use on the area in order to combat the dryness. Look for a product that has apple extracts in it as it moisturizes the skin on the area and prevents dark circles due to the dry skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel and Petroleum Jelly are extremely effective remedies when you are trying to moisturize the dry skin around the eyes. Do not use too much product on the area as it will cause the eye to look droopy; use a think layer of the product that you choose. You could dip a Q tip in the product and gently apply on the area.


Tea is also extremely helpful in this condition. Brew the tea of your choice and then dip a cotton ball in the tea and then apply it to the eyes. Relax for a few minutes as the tea works to moisturize the skin around the eyes. You could also use tea bags in the same way.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is extremely beneficial in this condition. Add 70 % Lavender oil to 30% water and blend the two. Soak cotton pads in this solution and then squeeze the excess water from the cotton and place the cotton pads on your eyelids and rest for a few minutes while the oil moisturizes the skin.