Home Remedies for Earache

Ear is one among various important parts of our body. It helps us to hear the sound around us. It consists of three main parts i.e., inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear. Earache is a common problem among young children and adults. The part of the ear which is at higher risk of getting a problem is ear drum.

However, only symptoms can help us to decide which area of the ear is suffering from a problem. It is because different parts reflect different types of symptoms. Apart from hearing, ear is also helpful in providing stability. The problems in middle ear and outer ear show different symptoms. In case of outer ear the major symptoms are thick discharge, swelling, pain, itching. In some cases hearing loss is also observed to be a symptom of outer ear. A slight pain or itching, hearing loss, mild fever etc are the symptoms of middle ear.

The infection in the middle and outer ear is the main cause of the earache. In case of outer ear, the infection is sort of skin infection of ear canal. It mainly occurs due to water during activities like swimming, taking bath etc. Infection of middle ear is the problem related to eardrum. Middle ear infection is a common problem in children and infants.

Sometimes earache is also due to ear infection by some disease of ear, mouth, nose and the throat. Injuries to these parts may also be responsible for ear pain. If not treated in time the ear infection can lead to severe pain and fatal consequences. Keeping ear clean is a good way to avoid infection. Clean the ear with help of some professional. Casual way of cleaning may be harmful.

People with weak immune system are at higher risk of getting an infection. Hence boosting the power of immune system is one of the best ways to avoid ear infection. Ear infection is a main reason of earache in most of the cases. Consumption of vitamin C is very helpful in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C works like a natural antihistamine and antibiotic and therefore it’s consumption on a regular basis helps in reducing symptoms like fever and inflammation. You should take proper amount of zinc in your daily meal. Zinc is very effective in avoiding ear infection.

Consumption of garlic is one of the best remedies for a number of health disorders. It is very effective in curing ear infection too. For a quick relief you can pour few drops of garlic extract in the affected ear. The medicinal characteristics of garlic will provide a quick relief from pain and will reduce inflammation. The edibles like cheese, milk, butter etc may increase the symptoms of ear infection and hence you are advised not to take these things during the infection.