Home remedies for edema

Enlargement of the components of the body due to the preservation of the fluid is known as edema. It is the state of the unusually large volume of fluid in the circulatory system or in the tissues amid the cells of the body. In the case of edema, either excess fluid moves from the blood vessels into the tissues or scanty fluid moves from the tissues to the blood vessels. This imbalance of fluid might lead from mild to severe swelling in one or more parts of the body. The main factors for edema are immobility, heat, intake of medications, and excess consumption of salty food, menstruation and pregnancy, as the level of hormones changes during pregnancy in particular.

Home remedies for edema:

Mustard: Mustard is a useful natural home remedy for edema. One has to take some mustard oil in the hands and rub it on the affected parts of the body. Again, one has to soak 2-3 tablespoon of mustard seeds in the water. Grind it and apply it on the affected area. This is a very helpful remedy in combating edema.

Water: One must intake plenty of water daily to get rid of the excess salt that is stored in the body. 8-10 glasses are normal for daily intake. However, that is not enough to take out the salt from the body. Large amounts of water at least thrice per week help in the removing of excess salt from the body.

Flax seeds: Flax seed is a good home remedy for curing edema. One has to grind the seeds and sprinkle it over the food that is to be eaten. This is an effective way of curing edema. Again, the use of the flax seed oil helps in the treatment for curing edema. Flax seed is totally safe for the women who are pregnant and are suffering from edema.

Exercise: This is an effective and efficient way of dealing with the disease. Since immobility is one of the main causes of edema, exercise helps in keeping the body mobile and stretched. Swimming is a very good exercise in combating edema. Swimming helps in getting rid of the fluid that is present in the body tissues. The pressure that is just about the body in a pool puts force on the tissues that assists the fluid to go back to its individual bladder where it can be debarred.