4 Home Remedies For Forehead Pain

4 Home Remedies For Forehead Pain

Forehead pain is in most cases totally unbearable. There are many natural causes of the pain and if one is a bit careful in his day to day life and habits, he could alleviate the cause of the pain and thereby relieve himself from the difficulties faced at the time of forehead pain.

Tension, psychological or mental, and migraines are basic grounds of forehead pain. Besides these less intake of water can cause dehydration and may also be the reason of the forehead pain.

4 Home Remedies For Forehead Pain


Water To Reduce Forehead Pain

Not drinking water in sufficient quantities can also be responsible for pain in the head. One needs to intake enough water to keep hydrated. Hence, enough water, fruit juice, soup and broth need to be consumed in plenty to hydrate oneself and thereby alleviate a headache. Again intake of too much of caffeinated drinks also is a cause of forehead pain.


Bed Rest To Reduce Forehead Pain

Migraines are basically chronic in nature. Besides causing forehead and on the whole head pain, people suffering from migraines often faces queasiness or vomiting, greater sensitivity to light and limitation of the body during that period of time. Bed rest in a dim and silent room is the best medicine to migraines. Furthermore, by staying away from the situation that can activate the problem is a helpful way of fighting migraines.

Tension headache

This headache starts with the neck, shoulder, face and scalp muscles tightening together. Tension headache can continue for a very short period of time and also for a good length of time like for days. Pain killing tablets help in alleviating the pain caused. Furthermore, massage and in particular, yoga is very effective in treating the disease.

Yoga To Reduce Forehead Pain

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is particularly helpful in stress-related headaches. One needs to sit straight on the floor with the eyes closed. While sitting the body must be erected and a deep breath is to be taken. Then the breath has to be hold back for a few moments. Then the breath has to be let out. While letting out the breath, the carbon dioxide is released and then the person must relax. This procedure needs to be repeated for about 10-15 minutes.

Intake of apple, cinnamon, applying sandalwood paste, coconut oil massage, lavender oil massage, etc. also contributes a lot in curing and relieving forehead pain.

Deep Breathing To Reduce Forehead Pain

Home Remedies For Forehead Pain