5 Home Remedies For Gastritis


5 Remedies For Gastritis

When the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed or gets corroded, it causes gastritis. A certain type of bacteria known as the Helicobacter pylori infects the mucous lining of the stomach and if left untreated can result in ulcers and stomach cancer.

Gastritis is also caused by prolonged use of certain drugs, alcohol, stress and pernicious anemia. The main symptoms of this disease are nausea, indigestion, burning sensation in the stomach, abdominal pain and bloating, loss of appetite and an upset stomach. Antacids and other drugs prescribed to reduce stomach acid often result in further irritation and heartburn. Simple substances found in the household kitchen are the easiest and safest way to cure gastritis.

Remedies for Gastritis


Buttermilk For Gastritis

Buttermilk is very effective in alleviating the symptoms of gastritis and ultimately in curing it. It is full of healing properties which soothe the inflamed lining of the stomach. The good bacteria found in buttermilk combat the infection, reduce the pain and promote digestion.

Take fresh curd and churn it till the butter comes to the top. Skim the butter. Add a little water to the buttermilk. Drink two or three glasses of this thin buttermilk daily. Prepare fresh buttermilk daily.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds For Gastritis

Cumin seeds have a vast number of healing and curative powers. They contain numerous phytochemicals that are great antioxidants. They destroy the infection and effect quick healing. They also help in strengthening the lining of the stomach and prevent it from being damaged by regulating the acidic activity in the stomach.

Take three teaspoons of cumin seeds and grind them to a fine powder. Put to boil two litres of water and add the cumin powder to it. Boil for a few minutes and allow the water to cool. Drink four or five glasses of this water daily.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are rich in antioxidants which protect the body from infections and diseases. These seeds are also full of minerals and vitamins which provide strength to the mucous lining of the stomach, fight infection and eliminate toxins from the body.

Fennel seeds aid digestion and reduce the acid in the stomach. Boil a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water for a few minutes. Allow the concoction to cool. Drink this mixture two or three times a day without straining. Chew the seeds afterwards.

Fennel Seeds For Gastritis

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Ash Gourd

Ash gourd has enormous medicinal, healing and nourishing properties. Its antacid and alkaline properties reduce the acid in the stomach and tone up the stomach muscles. It nourishes the whole body and keeps it free from diseases. Cut the ash gourd into small pieces with the skin.

Blend the pieces with a little water in a mixer grinder and squeeze the pulp to extract the juice. Drink a glass of this juice every morning on an empty stomach. Your gastritis will be cured within no time.

Ash Gourd For Gastritis


Ginger is a natural antibiotic. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which kill infection, reduce swelling and promote quick healing. Grate a big piece of ginger.

Put to boil one cup of milk mixed with one cup of water. Add the grated ginger and boil till only one cup of liquid remains. Strain the mixture, add some sugar and drink twice daily.

Ginger For Gastritis

Remedies For Gastritis