13 Home Remedies For Hair Growth


13 Remedies For Hair Growth

Everyone loves long and healthy hair. Hair growth is mainly dependent on factors like hereditary, health, lifestyle and growth hormones.

In order to accelerate the growth of hair, one can definitely rely on home remedies. They are mostly safe, cheap and easily available in the markets or rather at home. These remedies not only grow hair faster, but also repair damaged hair, making them smooth and easy to handle.

Proper Diet Plan:

Proper Diet For Hair Growth

If your stomach is healthy, it will definitely reflect on your hair. So it is most important to have a proper meal with the exact nutritional value. Vitamins are very essential for healthy hair and blood circulation. Vitamin rich foods like green vegetables, nuts, pulses and fruits should be added to the diet. Some other foods like milk, vegetable oil, yeast, wheat germs, etc. further enhance hair growth. Hair follicles are known as keratin, which requires protein for its growth and nourishment. Thus soybean, meat, fish, etc. should be eaten regularly.

Importance Of Water:

Water is very essential for healthy hair. It flushes out all the toxins within our body and keeps our system clear. It also helps in purification of blood. So, you must drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday.

Drink Water For Hair Growth

Be Tension Free:

Stress and tension are one of the main reasons behind fragile hair. This tension is generated from our everyday hectic schedule and can only be calmed down through meditation. So it is equally important to spend a couple of hours meditating in a peaceful environment.

Tension Free For Hair Growth

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Use Of Onion:

Onion is one of the best agents used for hair growth. Small onions are more effective when directly massaged on the scalp where hair growth has stopped. The onion juice works great for your hair. Onion juice can also be mixed with your everyday shampoo and used there after.

Onion For Hair Growth

Use Of Aromatic Oil:

We generally use aromatic oil for cooking or making fragrances, etc. But who knew some of them like grape seed oil, olive oil, lavender oil, etc., are so effective for hair growth. Massaging any of this oil on the scalp before taking a shower or before going to bed will surely increase the length of your hair. After applying the oil, cover your head with a towel (soaked with hot water) for at least ten minutes and then repeat the process for another 2-3 times. This will give better results.

Aromatic Oil For Hair Growth

Simple Exercises:

Exercises can be a great help in growing hair. Some yoga exercises like ‘surya namaskar’, ‘dhanurashan’, ‘sirshasan’, etc. helps in better blood circulation which in turn makes your hair healthy. You can also opt for reflexology where you rub your nails against each other for 10-15 minutes. There is very easy and can be done at any time of the day. You can also simply massage your scalp with your finger tips with full energy in circular motion until you feel the heat. This will increase blood flow and hence strengthens hair.

Exercises For Hair Growth

Keeping The Hair Trimmed And Tied:

You should always try to keep your hair tied before going to bed. It keeps your hair untangled, reduce hair breakage and mainly protect the hair tips from damage due to friction with pillows. It is mostly preferred to tie the hair into plaits for better protection. You should also trim your hair after every 2-3 months to reduce split ends.

Hair Trimmed And Tied For Hair Growth

Use Of Vegetables:

As we all know, consuming lots of vegetables can keep us healthy. However, certain vegetables can also be applied on the hair which gives a remarkable result in hair growth. For example, rubbing raw potato or conditioning the hair with leftover water after boiling potatoes can enhance hair growth. Bottle gourd, lettuce juice, spinach juice can also increase hair length. A pack made of coriander leaves is also very useful.

Vegetables For Hair Growth

Use Of Amla And Coconut:

The most commonly used components for hair growth are Amla and coconut. These two will never fail. Coconut oil itself is best for hair, but when mixed with amla, it works even faster. You can also mix equal amount of coconut oil and castor oil and apply it on your scalp. Make sure you heat the mixture before applying. This too helps in hair growth.

Amla And Coconut For Hair Growth

Use Of Herbs And Spices:

Rosemary water is a very effective. It can as well as be mixed with sage to increase the rate of hair growth. Certain spices like cinnamon, fenugreek seed and black pepper and lemon seeds can also act as hair tonic. They are generally boiled in water or oil and then applied on hair.

Herbs And Spices For Hair Growth


Use Of Honey:

Honey works like magic on hair. It conditions, nourishes dry and rough hair and also repairs damaged scalp. Honey can be mixed with other ingredients like aloe vera, lemon juice to enhance its medicinal value. You can use it regularly as a natural conditioner but make sure you wait for at least 10-15 minutes before washing your hair.

Honey For Hair Growth

Use Of Henna:

Henna is one of the most popular packs used for hair growth. It is often mixed with amla, ritha, shikakai powders to prevent hair fall and repair damaged hair tissues. These days, henna powder is also available in the markets. Generally, we soak it in water for 4-5 hours before applying on our head. Once the pack is applied, it is allowed to dry for another 2-3 hours and then washed with plain water. Henna leaves are sometimes boiled with mustard oil until the henna leaves change colour, strained and used later.

Henna For Hair Growth

Use Of Other Remedies:

Our kitchen itself is a medical store. There are many other remedies that we can follow by using home made natural ingredients. For example, you can mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with half cup curd or one raw egg, beat it well and apply all over your head. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash with a mild shampoo. You also mix 1tsp of gelatin with one cup water and keep aside for few minutes. As it melts, stir the mixture and use it for washing your hair.

Lemon Juice For Hair Growth