Home Remedies for Heartburn Sensation and Acidity

Acidity is the presence of excess acid in the stomach. This leads to sensations of heartburn. If you suffer from acidity you tend to feel very uncomfortable as your stomach feels bloated.

What causes acidity?

Over eating or spicy foods are the main culprits. In addition eating quickly without chewing your food may also cause the unpleasant feeling. Pregnant women tend to have acidity problems as the fetus exerts pressure on the digestive passage. Overweight persons have issues because they exert unnecessary pressure on their digestive organs.

Common sense to cure acidity

If spicy foods are causing you to feel uncomfortable and bloated then stay away from them. If curries rich in spices and lean meats cooked with herbs are affecting your digestive system eliminate them from your diet. Stay away from fried foods, pickles, vinegar and acidic foods. Raw vegetables especially onions as well as cabbage and radish must be avoided in salads. Drink a lot of water and chew foods well.

Home remedies to cure acidity

-Basil causes relief in times of acidity. Crush a few basil leaves and mix with honey. The honey helps sooth the heartburn sensation while the basil juice relieves you from the acidity.

-Eat fruits like watermelon or muskmelons. They are cooling in nature and help calm the burning sensation. They are light on the stomach and digest well. The high water content adds to your water intake.

-Eat almonds or add a few crushed almonds to your milk. Drinking cold milk helps to sooth a burning stomach.

-Drink coconut water daily. This is natural and extremely healthy.

-While sleeping elevate your head as well as your legs with a pillow.

-Avoid consuming tea and coffee. Drink herbal tea instead. This is especially true for pregnant women suffering from acidity. Avoid aerated drink completely. Caffeine increases the risk of heartburn attacks.

-You must calm down and not panic when you are feeling sensations of heartburn. Go for a brisk walk and avoid strenuous exercise at that time.