Home Remedies For Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play a crucial role in every person’s health and well-being. The mood and sexual desire of a person may vary in accordance to hormonal fluctuation levels. In women, it can even affect fertility and ovulation.

hormonal imbalance

Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are some of the important factors of maintaining hormonal balance in the body. With the starting of any hormonal problems, one’s food intake needs to be adjusted as per body needs. Here are some common remedies to home imbalance:

Beneficial Remedies For Hormonal Imbalance

Treating Hypothyroidism

Spirulina is well thought-out as a good health booster and thyroid controller. Intake of black cohosh is also helpful in controlling thyroid gland tasks. Besides, the fatty acid of prim rose oil helps in restoring the function of the thyroid gland. Siberian Ginseng is very positive for adrenal and thymus glands thereby very helpful in sustaining thyroid health.

black cohosh

Hot Flashes

Caffeine and nicotine being stimulant increase blood pressure as well as the causes of hot flashes. Alcohol, though a depressant, stimulates in the rise of blood pressure and thereby triggering hot flashes. These all should be avoided. Loose fitting, light weight cotton clothing helps to keep the body cool. Many women get relief from hot flash through regular exercise. Soy beans, black cohosh and Dong Quai root are some of the popular and effective home remedies of hot flash.


Irregular Menstruation

Irregular menstruation is common among women. After grinding a piece of ginger and boiling it in a cup of water, we have to add a teaspoon of sugar to the water. Drink the water twice daily after meals. It is an effective home remedy. Besides this, a 2:1 ratio of beetroot and carrot juice mixture and taking it for three months is also an effective way of curing irregular menstruation.

irregular menstruation

Restless Leg Syndrome

Walking is an effective exercise for our restless legs. Long walks needs to be avoided. Any sort of strenuous physical work like weight lifting might also increase the disease. One must reduce the intake of coffee, tea, sodas and chocolates to avoid the cause of the disease. Tobacco and nicotine must also be avoided to have a peaceful sleep. Some over-the-counter medications have gentle stimulants, which provide restless legs.

avoid caffeine

Hormonal Imbalance

One must take good care of the diet to regain hormonal balance. The diet must include organic vegetables and fruits along with whole grains, cereals, nuts and other natural foods. Red meat, refined and processed food, dairy products, caffeinated drinks and alcohol should be stopped with total effect. Some common remedies to regain normal hormone balance are soybeans and herbs like black cohost and dong quai.