9 Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism


9 Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism

Once you start applying home remedies for Hyperthyroidism you start feeling a lot better. Natural remedies for hyperthyroidism may save you from undergoing a surgery or heavy drug usage.

9 Ways To Cure Hyperthyroidism Naturally

Consume Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is an herb that belongs to the mint family and is a natural remedy for reducing hyperthyroidism symptoms. You can consume lemon balm in form of tea for proper regulation of the hormone. This herb controls activity in the thyroid gland so you must choose to drink lemon balm tea rather than any other drink.

Lemon Balm To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Consume Lot Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants manage the extreme production of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland. Green Tea and Vitamin C are the two rich sources of antioxidants and blood purifiers. Daily consumption of Green Tea and citrus fruits is beneficial in keeping your thyroid symptoms under control.

Antioxidants To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil gives you a great metabolism and can also cure extreme weight loss. So, consuming one table spoon of coconut oil daily after every meal is very useful for hyperthyroidism.

Coconut Oil To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Avoid Stimulants

When you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, avoid all kind of stimulants. Your body activity is enhanced if you consume stimulants and it specially affects the nervous system. So, it is advisable to avoid stimulants like caffeine and nicotine as they tend to worsen your condition.

Avoid Stimulants To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Motherwort Herb

Motherwort is an ancient herb that is used to cure hyperthyroidism and heart palpitations. This herb brings down the activity in the thyroid gland that gives rise to excessive hormone production. You can consume this herb by making tea out of it and it also acts as a great food supplement.

Motherwort To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Prunella Vulgaris Herb

If you consume ¼ pound of the herb on a regular basis, you will surely get rid of hyperthyroidism. This herb curtails hormone production from the thyroid glands, thus keeping your hormones under control.

Prunella Vulgaris To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Gypsywort Herb

This herb can pacify overactive thyroids by reducing excess amount of iodine. You can mix 5 drops of Gypsywort herb tincture with a cup of water and consume thrice a day. This is a very effective natural remedy for hyperthyroidism.

Gypsywort To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

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Remedy For External Use

A remedy for external use is prepared by taking equal proportion of oak bark, male fern roots, vinegar and wine. It is recommended to rub this effective mixture twice a day below your throat which is useful in soothing the thyroid glands. ‘Amino acid L-carnitine’ is also a good remedy in diminishing activity in thyroid glands.

Oak Bark To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

Maintain A Proper Diet

The best remedy for hyperthyroidism is a proper diet. The main cause of this disease is due to excess iodine but on the other hand the glands need some amount of iodine to function well. So you must consume iodine very wisely so that your glands are in control.

You must eat lot of green vegetables, cabbages, Brussels, broccoli, other useful vegetable and fruits. You can begin with fresh fruit juices and you can drink fruit juice every three hours throughout the day for a week. It is important to clean you bowels with warm water.

Diet To Reduce Hyperthyroidism

After you are habituated with drinking fruit juice, you can spend couple of days more on milk and fruits. There after you can stick to a balanced diet comprising of nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and grains. A rational diet is very essential along with adequate rest in curing hyperthyroidism.

A proper diet and application of home remedies will help you to fight this disease.