Home Remedies for Jaundice

The skin of the patient suffering from jaundice becomes yellow. It is very common liver disorder. The changing environmental conditions and changing food habits of people today has led to an increased number of jaundice patients all over the globe. The yellow color of the skin indicates the increase in the bile pigments in our blood. When bile mixes with blood instead of getting disposed off to the intestine, it leads to the problem of jaundice. It is mainly due to hepatitis, a vital disease. The diseases affecting the functioning of liver are also major factors leading to the problem of jaundice.

The main symptoms of jaundice may include fever, persistent body pain, headache, lack of appetite, weakness, nausea, constipation etc. A mild pain is also experienced in the liver area due to jaundice. At later stage the skin, eyes, urine, nails and tongue become yellow. There are a number of home-based remedies for the treatment of jaundice. The use of radish leaves is one of the most popular remedies for jaundice. Consumption of extract of radish leaves on a regular basis for one or two weeks gives a wonderful result in case of jaundice. You can consume leaves directly or boiled leaves can also be taken. Take as much of radish leaves juice as you can for the day.

Almond is very effective in treatment of jaundice. A mixture of cardamoms with almond gives a quick relief from the symptoms of jaundice. You can add some sugar to make the mixture tasty. Licking this mixture on a regular basis is very helpful in treatment of jaundice. The consumption of beverages like carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea should be avoided in cases of jaundice as they can grow the symptoms. Consumption of fatty, spicy and unhealthy food must be avoided. Consumption of tomato on a regular basis is very wonderful remedy of jaundice. Taking one glass of fresh tomato juice daily treats the jaundice very quickly. In case the symptoms are persistent, you should consult your doctor.