9 Home Remedies For Kids Cough


9 Remedies For Kids Cough

There are several reasons for the kids to get attacked by cold and cough. Most of the children get infected especially when they consume oily food or if they are exposed to air, etc.Thus, children should avoid eating oily food, eating less may also become cause for illness, avoid playing in rain, or spending time outside in dust to get rid of cough. It becomes essential for you to take all possible measures before your kids get attacked by cold or cough.

Cold and coughs are such that they follow each other. If cold takes place, cough follows, if cough occurs, cold will occur automatically. Thus, consume such medicines that should apply to both cold and cough simultaneously. Suppose, your child suffers from headache or itching throat, dizziness and sneezes often, then start the home treatment immediately, as they are symptoms of cold and cough.

Best Home Remedies For Kids Cough

Drink Turmeric Milk

Turmeric and milk is a good combination to cure many diseases. Boil ½ tsp of turmeric and milk about ½ a cup; let your child drink this mixture to get away from cough.

Turmeric Milk For Kids Cough

Hot Lemon-Honey Tea

Honey lemon tea or Lemon-Honey Tea is an excellent medicine to for kids cough. Boil a cup of water and add the hot water to the mixture of a teaspoon of lemon and honey.

You can add ½ tsp of pepper powder and 1/4 tsp of cloves powder, add sugar for taste, and stir well. Give this simple strong tea to your child to get quick relief.

Hot Lemon-Honey Tea For Kids Cough

Cotton Cloth Treatment

Heat a steel pan, take a medium size cloth, roll the cloth on the pan, once cloth catches enough heat, remove the cloth from the pan and check if the cloth is lukewarm, by toughing the cloth. Once you confirm cloth is lukewarm, put that cloth on your kid’s chest and rub slowly to get good relief.

Cotton Cloth Treatment For Kids Cough

Vicks Vapourub

Apply vicks to your kids throat, chest and to its back; massage properly. This will make your child sleep comfortably, and taking rest gives relief from cough.

Vicks Vapourub For Kids Cough

Sugar Syrup

Drinking sugar syrup during cough really helps to cure your kid’s cough soon. Prepare sugar syrup, add 12 ounces of tulsi juice and 4 ounces of water to the syrup, along with some cardamom powder, you can also put cinnamon and pepper powder to make the syrup strong.

Make your kids drink this strong Tulsi Sugar Syrup to reduce cough.

Sugar Syrup For Kids Cough

Steam Water Bath

Steam has ability to cure chest congestion and thus, it is recommended to give Steam Water Bath to your child to get cured from cough soon.

Steam Water Bath For Kids Cough

Gargle Salt Water

Salt has capacity to reduce throat irritation. Hence, put salt into a glass full of hot water, stir well and ask your kid to gargle salt water and split.

Do this till the hot salt water in the glass gets over.

Gargle Salt Water For Kids Cough


Wear Socks

Do not let your child in open area, if your child has dust allergy. Make sure that your child stays at home, and it is always good for kids to wear socks. This will keep their body warm and further reduces cough.

Wear Socks For Kids Cough

Keep Your Kid Away From Smoke

To Smoke infront of kids itself is very dangerous, and what if you smoke infront of your younger-ones, when they are attacked by cold or cough? They suffer a lot and it will take long time for them to escape from cough.

Kid Away From Smoke For Kids Cough