Home Remedies for Leucorrhea and Leucorrhea Treatment

Leucorrhea is the abnormal white discharge of the vagina. It is natural that there will be some white discharge till menopause but when it gains abnormal proportions it is treated as a disease. If it is not treated at early stage it will become chronic, turn critical and affect your life. It is a type of infection and women become lethargic and fall victims to excessive weakness. Other than this there is a pain in the lumber region and the calves, dragging sensation in the abdomen and frequent headaches.

The causes of excessive white discharge can be many. It is due to excessive hormonal disturbances.  In such a case consult an endocrinologist. Sometimes people with improper hygienic conditions also get affected by the disease. So try to keep the vaginal region clean. This disease is also generated from improper feeding habits. Adolescent women are generally affected by it because they are fond of different types of junk food. Indigestion and constipation are also other causes of leucorrhea. Diseases like diabetes are associated with leucorrhea also.

To remove this abnormal situation correct dietary habit, proper sleep, exercise, fresh air and good hygiene is needed. And other than this daily care and habits there are various home remedies to remove leucorrhea.

Cook some rice in a half liter of water. When it is cooked properly strain and store the water and mix sugar in it. Drink it hot. It is very effective to remove problems related to white discharge. Take 2-3 tablespoons of fenugreek seed and soak them in water for 2-3 hours. Put them on oven and boil on low heat for nearly half an hour. Then strain the mixture and drink it. It really works.

In summer, ripe mango is available. Smash a very ripe mango and take the pulp of it and apply it on the vagina for an effective solution. Take some fresh Indian gooseberry and boil them for at least 1 hour on slow heat. When they get tender smash them. Mix molasses or honey with it. Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture everyday. You should keep this mixture in refrigerator otherwise it will be spoiled. Boiled okra according with the water is also good to remove the disease.