Home remedies for men’s fitness

The word “fitness” means physical fitness, which in turn could be defined in two different concepts like general fitness (health oriented fitness), and specific fitness (capability to perform certain sports or profession).Men have a number of ways in keeping themselves fit and steady. Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle are different concepts to keep a man fit and healthy. Commitment to all these aspects goes a long way in keeping a person healthy for a long time.

Exercise: For body warm-up, jogging and stretching are good exercises. Aerobics and cardio-vascular exercises are a necessity for men on a regular basis. Skipping ropes, jogging and morning walk are good for boosting reduction of fat. In addition, dips are good for men to build their triceps and bigger chest. It can be done easily at home with the help of a chair only.

Baldness: Lack of vitamin like B6, and folic acid in particular lead to baldness among men. With the intake of these vitamins, hair tends to grow normally. Besides, rubbing the scalp with finger tips after cold water bath prevents baldness. Intake of a mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is also supportive for the hair increase.

Nutrition: Nutrition of a person is largely responsible to keep him fit and healthy. Drinking plenty of water is must. Reduction in the intake of sugar and salt keeps a person fit and healthy. One must have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in his day-to-day diet.

Life-style: By healthy “life-style” we do not mean just having small fun in the family and some morning workouts with them. We also mean following certain tips to maintain the health of both, oneself and the family like not smoking, supervision of one cholesterol , blood sugar and blood pressure, intake of healthy diet, being physically active, steps to control weight, restrained intake of alcohol and controlling stress.

Fitness commitment: The key word in keeping a person fit and healthy all the way through his life is his commitment to fitness. One’s focus should be strictly on his diet and exercise to keep a healthy and active life all through his way.

Rewarding oneself after achieving a certain goal by going for a movie or buying a new shirt would help in his commitment to keep himself fit and steady all his life.

Recording success: With the maintenance of a training log, one can keep a record of the weight he has reduced in a particular period of time. The easiest way to lose weight is by increasing our exercises, dieting strictly and thereby burning more calories and keeping oneself hale and hearty throughout his life. The most important benefit of healthy living is that the body becomes fit and steady to fight diseases like colon cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart attack, blood pressure, depression, impotency, etc thereby promoting to a healthy and spirited life.