Home Remedies For Menstruation Pain


Menstruation pain comes with a lot of discomfort but is usually considered to be a normal menstruation symptom. In menstruation, the uterus tends to contract in rhythm which leads to excretion of blood as well other menstrual tissues out of the body.


The menstrual cramps are known to affect almost every woman at some point of life. These cramps or menstruation pain are very annoying and are capable of making your day very unpleasant. They can even disrupt your daily routine and upset your mood.

However, you can try to ease the menstruation pain through some of the home remedies such as hot water bag, mint, parsley, sesame seeds, and coriander seeds. You can also ease the pain by consuming, basil, ginger, and cinnamon.

Useful Home Remedies For Curing Menstruation Pain

Hot Water Bag

Nothing soothes your menstruation pain as a hot water bag. It relieves the cramps and helps you sleep peacefully. It also calms the entire body and eases the body pain.

You just need to fill the hot water bag with hot water and keep it close to your stomach, back, thighs and legs where the menstruation pain affects the most to get instant relief from the menstruation pain.

hot water compress


Mint can also considered to be very effective in treating the menstruation pain. Peppermint as well as wintergreen can greatly help in relieving the cramps, especially when consumed in the form of a tea. You need to drink two or more cups of mint tea per day to get relief from menstruation pain. Also, for a change you can suck a mint candy throughout the day instead of drinking mint tea all day long.


Drink Hot Liquids

Try to drink hot fluids when the menstruation pain begins to mount and cause various kinds of discomforts. As the pelvic region begins to feel cramped and congested, the hot liquids help increase flow of blood in the body and help relax the muscles. You can sip some herbal tea or warm lemonade to get relief with taste.

hot liquids

Mineral Bath

Mineral bath is also considered to be effective in curing the menstruation pain. You can make your own herbal spa at home by just adding a cup of sea salt with a cup of baking soda to lukewarm water. Soak yourself into this mineral spa for about 20 minutes to help relax the muscles.

warm sitz bath

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Parsley is very effective in treating menstruation pain. It not only eases the pain but also regulates the monthly period and increase menstruation.

You just need to consume parsley juice to treat the unbearable menstruation cramps. You can make parsley juice at home by blending 75 ml parsley with appropriate amount of cucumber juice, carrot and beet root.



Ginger is known to cure menstruation pain very effectively. You can pound few pieces of ginger and boil it in water for few minutes.

Mix sugar or honey to taste and drink the sweetened ginger juice after each meal to get some relief from menstruation pain.

Cinnamon is also a well known home remedy for treating menstruation pain. It contains anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that helps ease various symptoms and discomforts of menstruation pain.