7 Home Remedies For Night Sweats


7 Remedies For Night Sweats

As the name suggests, night sweat is the state where one undergoes excessive sweating during sleeping. This state is generally witnessed during early adult age. There is a huge variety of remedies suggested for night sweats, such as allopathic, naturopathy, etc.

However, the most effective cure arrives from the home remedies. Below mentioned are some of the easy cures that have been influenced from home remedies.

Best Home Remedies For Curing Night Sweats

Consume Sage Tea

Consume Sage Tea For Night Sweats

Herbal Tea or Tisane is a non-caffeine beverage derived from diffusing herbs or plant material. It is also considered as a mix of home remedies. Brewed sage tea is considered as the most popular home remedy for night sweats.

This is the most effective and the oldest remedy. To make the perfect sage tea, you should bring water to boil and add some fresh and some dried sage leaves to it. After some time, remove the pot from the fire and allow the mix to cool down. This should be taken thrice a day.

Soy Products

Soy Products For Night Sweats

Soy Products are the biggest source of protein. The best and the most enriched soy product is the soy milk, this has to be taken once every day. One glass of milk is considered if taken regularly for milk, will suffice the protein need for the body resulting in reduced night sweats. Another effective soy product is tofu or the bean curd.


If the hydration process of the body is taken care of, night sweats will never be a problem. In-order to ensure that your body performs the same meritoriously, at least eight glasses of water intake per day is mandatory.

Soda, juices, tea, coffee or any other kind of caffeine intake is strictly prohibited in case of night sweats.

Drinking Water For Night Sweats

Cold Shower

When you take a cold shower just before going off to sleep, you hydrate your body, this helps in cooling off your body and will eventually lead in subsiding night sweats. Ensure that you wear very light clothes while sleeping. Some people have also felt better by wearing moisture wicking pajamas.

Cold Shower For Night Sweats

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Consume Herbal Tea

There are numerous herbal remedies that have proved to be a remarkable solution to these sweats. The most popular among the rest is cactus, yellow dock, Agnus, dandelion and red clover.

Experts suggest that a herbal tea made with red clover, horsetail and nettles, have proved to be an effective cure. It is also considered as a dietary product.

Consume Herbal Tea For Night Sweats


Flax plant is referred as rich oil based plant. According to the expert study 40gms of flax seed meal is an actual cure to the problem, also oil can be made by extracting the dry seeds of the ripped flax plant, should be applied before bedtime.

Flax-Seed For Night Sweats

Cooling The Room

Many doctors suggest that it is advisable to cool the room before bedtime. You should also ensure that the fan does not face you directly without rotation. The room should be well ventilated and good air flow will help your body hydrate.

Cooling The Room For Night Sweats