Home Remedies For Palpitation

Almost everyone in his life experiences the awareness of heartbeat. The experience of awareness of heartbeat is generally occasional, however if it is regular and repetitive, it might be due to the problem of palpitation. The awareness of heartbeat due to palpitation may distract your mind while concentrating on something or it can interrupt you thinking about other important matters.

Heart complications are a major reason for palpitation but sometimes improper function of thyroid gland and anemia can also lead to the problem of palpitation. Palpitation attacks can be experienced frequently with more than once in a day. Dizziness, faintness, irregularity in functioning of heart, chest pain, abnormal sweating etc are the main symptoms of the palpitation. Consumption of drugs like caffeine, cocaine, alcohol etc can increase the chances of palpitation. Moreover, overexertion is also a factor leading to the problem of palpitation.

In some cases the person suffering from palpitation may feel that his heart has stopped for a while and then suddenly it bangs and starts beating again. This happens due to abnormal speed of heart beat which lead to an extra beat. This extra beat is the main cause of the bang. In some cases pounding in the neck is also experienced due to palpitation. This is because of a regular fluttering in the chest. A stiffness and difficulty in breath is experience due to this problem. If you feel that you experience palpitation after consuming certain type of drugs, you should stop taking that drug and should immediately tell this to a doctor.

The medical science has become very advanced today and has discovered treatment for a number of diseases. However, at any state one cannot neglect the side effect of the medications when taken for a long term. We all are aware that the long term consumption of medications leads to other health complications. There are some home remedies which are very helpful in curing the problem of palpitation. Cut a lemon into two halves, squeeze out the juice of half lemon, mix about 1 teaspoonful of honey in it, add 250 ml of water after mixing honey in juice properly, and take this mixture before going to bed. A regular consumption of this will reduce the problem of palpitation.

Grapes are very helpful in curing palpitation. A person suffering from palpitation should grape juice on a regular basis. Fresh guava is also very helpful in avoid this problem. In case these remedies are not able to reduce the problem of palpitation, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately.