6 Home Remedies For Phlebitis

6 Remedies For Phlebitis

Phlebitis is the inflammation or blood clot in a vein, usually the legs. It is a type of pain that affects one leg or both legs. There are two kinds of phlebitis – deep vein thrombophlebitis and superficial thrombophlebitis. Deep vein thrombophlebitis is a risky variety and can be fatal if a blood clot dislodges from the veins and travel to the lungs.

Home Remedies For Phlebitis

Vitamin B

Vitamin B For Phlebitis

Studies have suggested that three vitamin B namely folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 help in breaking down and clearing of homocysteine from the blood. Hence vitamin B is extremely helpful as a home remedy in clearing phlebitis.


Smoking helps in having recurring phlebitis. As smoking contracts the blood vessels, blood-clotting takes place and it leads to phlebitis. This disease is largely related to smoking as smoking causes the blood vessels to tighten in everyone who smokes. In phlebitis, there is so much tightening in the vessels that it results in the lack of oxygen in the cells leading to tissue death.

Smoking For Phlebitis

Vitamin E

Another natural remedy of phlebitis is the intake of vitamin E for mild blood thinning action. Vitamin E also fends off clots by reducing the platelet stickiness. One needs to start with 400 IU daily and then slowly increase according to the doctor’s advice.

Vitamin E For Phlebitis


Daily exercise is helpful in keeping the veins emptied.  Walking, dancing, swimming, biking, yoga and other type of exercises are good for the veins as keeping the legs moving when they are fine help in improving the circulation and thereby a good way to prevent a return of phlebitis.

Exercises For Phlebitis

Flaxeed oil

Intake of flaxeed oil is helpful in prevention of blood clot formation and in keeping the veins soft and pliable. Flaxeeds can be used in salads by grinding them and the flaxeed oil is also good in soups.

Flaxeed Oil For Phlebitis

Long Journeys

Long aeroplane flights are also a cause of thrombophlebitis. The possible reasons could be the lack of moisture, cabin pressure, and intake of alcohol. Since one tends to be confined to his seat more, there is a high risk of phlebitis. Hence one should leave the seat and walk up and down the aisle after every 30 minutes.

Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium tabs, elevating the foot when one is laid, trying horse chestnut are all some of the natural ways of curing phlebitis.

Long Journeys For Phlebitis