Home Remedies for Pregnancy Health Care

When a woman is expectant, the top worry for her is to remain hale and hearty at all times, if achievable. Giving priority to the pregnancy health is like taking care of two people at the same time. If the pregnancy health care is given substantial center of attention and primary hard work, it becomes beneficial for the both mother and the child.

Since the pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, longer than the supposed nine months, it becomes a comparatively long time to keep being healthy, yet not that hard to achieve the same. Also, this is a very vital time to make sure the happiness of the child and the result of the birth delivery.

Hence, the pregnancy health care is generally the most significant thing the would-be mother is recommended to prioritize above all else. Taking care of health while being pregnant, is possible at home. Check out what can be done to prevent common pregnancy related health problem with effective home remedies.

Home remedies for common health problems during pregnancy:

Nausea: Nausea or morning sickness is a common problem to most women during pregnancy but can be cured effectively with home remedies. Ginger has been used since ages and has been extremely effective for curing this problem. A cup of ginger tea is helpful for curing mild nausea. But, if the nausea is severe or persistent even for several days, one must intake ½ to 1 teaspoon of ginger powder in a glass of water after every 15 minutes until the stomach settles.

Swelling foot: One must boil two tablespoons of coriander seeds in two cups of water. The boiling must stop when the water is reduced to one cup. This is a very good home remedy for swelling feet in times of pregnancy.

Swollen ankle: Swollen ankles during pregnancy is a very common pregnancy symptom. It is due to the water retention that is common in times of pregnancy. Dehydration is the main reason of puffed-up ankles. The body fights back by holding additional water below the skin. However, with the intake of water, the swelling of ankles might increase a little further, but after sometime, the body will even out and the puffiness will start losing.

Acidity: When pregnant, a woman’s body undergoes constant changes in hormonal levels, which affect the digestive system. Heavy fried and fatty foods, bad eating habits and untimely meals can cause acidity and thereby affect fetal development. Instead of three large meals, 6-7 small meals at regular intervals and consumption of cold milk for going to bed can effectively combat acidity.