Home Remedies For Premature Graying Of Hair

In earlier days graying of hair was considered to be a sign of aging. It was not an unusual thing to happen. But today, graying of hairs has become a common occurrence in young generation. This is premature graying of hairs.   It can make a young person look many years older. This is a problem which cannot be avoided.

Measures should be taken to pay attention to its root causes. Premature graying of hair does not have any health implications associated with it. It can be an indication of unhealthy life-style and irregular practices. This problem is mainly related to the physical appearance. It can also affect people psychologically. Individuals with gray hair have low self confidence and are often found depressed.

When the cells in the hair follicles stop producing melanin, a substance responsible for hair blackness, graying of hairs set in. Premature graying of hair is a result of many factors. The factors can be hereditary, excess worries, lack of balanced diet, unhygienic habits like unclean scalp, washing hair with hot water, use of artificial ways of hair drying and use of hair dyes. It is important to add fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrot and milk in daily diet. There are many home remedies, which can be used to reduce premature graying of hairs.

Indian gooseberry commonly called amla in India is one of the best home remedy for treating premature graying of hair. It is a good hair tonic for hair growth and hair pigmentation. One of the ways to use amla, is to first dry its pieces under shade. These pieces should be then boiled into coconut oil till it becomes charred ash. This is very useful in treating premature graying. Rinsing hairs with amla water soaked overnight is helpful in nurturing the hair roots. Curry leaves have the property to maintain the strength of the hair roots. These leaves can be simply used as a spice in daily diet. It will not only add variety to daily food but will make hairs black and shiny. The butter of the cow’s milk is also good to keep hairs away from premature graying. Some vitamins can be included in daily diet, on prescription of doctor. One important thing, avoid unhealthy lifestyle.