Home Remedies for Quick Treatment of Gout

The swelling and inflammation of the joints is termed as gout. Due to its constant nature gout may happen even in acute attacks. The people of middle age are at higher rick of getting gout. Sometimes gout may happen to women after their menopause. Acute pain in the big toe is the main symptom of gout. Swelling, hotness, tenderness are the other symptoms of gout.

The other parts affected by gout are wrist and knee joints. Generally the attack happens during the early hours of the morning of at the midnight. The effects may remain for 7 to 10 days. Mild fever, lack of appetite may be the effect of the attack. In some cases gout attack may result in severe complication like occurrence of kidney stones with uric acid and this affects the proper functioning of kidney.

The development of uric acid crystals in the skin, various body joints, and in kidneys is the major factor responsible for gout. In various chemical reactions occurring in our body uric acid is produced as an end product.

A person suffering from the problem of gout has a higher level of uric acid in the blood than the usual. Generally this acid gets dissolved in the blood and is passed out by the kidneys in the urine. Extra accumulation of this acid results in formation of needle shaped crystals in the joints. Other causes of gout are unhealthy eating habits, sedentary life style, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Sometimes gout is also causes due to heredity.

There are various home based treatment for gout. These remedies are very effective in easy treatment of gout. Juice of raw vegetables is very effective for the treatment of gout. Juice of beet mixed with cucumber juice and carrot juice is very effective for curing gout. Taking this juice on regular basis gives a quick relief from gout.

Consumption of cherry is also very helpful in treatment of gout. Consumption of approximately 20 cherries per day gives a quick relief. You should take these cherries on a regular basis. French beans are also helpful in the treatment of gout. Taking French bean juice on a regular basis cures gout very effectively.

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