4 Home Remedies For Swollen Face


4 Remedies For Swollen Face

Women experience a lot of physical as well as psychological changes at the time of pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy can cause a lot of unwanted side effects and one such side effect is swollen face. Besides this, swollen face can also be a result of varied medical conditions.  Some of these causes are obesity, drug allergy, insect bite allergy, dental infection, dental abscess, Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, insect sting allergy, acromegaly, edema, mumps, eye swelling, facial burns, nephritic syndrome, hypothyroidism, facial trauma etc.

Swelling of face can also take place due to the accumulation of the fluid in the facial area. Severe and long lasting swelling can cause severe pain in the facial area for which medical consultation is necessary. However, swollen face also has effective home remedies. Some of them are as follows:

4 Home Remedies For Swollen Face

Cold compress

Cold Compress For Swollen Face


Cold compress is known as the useful way of reducing the swelling of the face. Take some ice and put it inside a cotton cloth. Now put it in the area of the face where it has swelled. Put a pack of ice on the eyes just after waking up from sleep. It not only helps to reduce swollen face but also make the face appear more refreshed than before. If ice is not available, frozen peas or any kind of frozen food can be used as a substitute.


Intake plenty of water all through the day as dehydration can cause facial swelling. Water helps to keep the individual suffering from swollen face refreshed and also aids in hydrating the eyes. Consumption of large quantities of water helps to cure the swollen face.

Drinking Water For Swollen Face

Extra pillows

Extra pillows should be used to raise the head of the bed. Raising the head of the bed while sleeping can reduce the facial swelling. Hence extra pillows are required to be used in order to combat swollen face.

Extra Pillows For Swollen Face

Avoid salt

Consumption of salt or salty foods needs to be averted when one is dealing with swollen face. Salt has been recognized to cause bloating and swelling of the face and hence needs to be evaded.

Avoid Salt For Swollen Face

Remedies For Swollen Face