5 Home Remedies For Tendonitis


5 Remedies For Tendonitis

Tendonitis occurs when the soft tissues surrounding the muscles and the bones around a joint become inflamed. The most commonly involved joints in this condition are the ankles, wrists, shoulders, knees and hips. Tendons are dense fibrous cords which relay the movement and force of the muscle contraction to the bone to effect movement.

When the tendons are overused or become injured their normal activity of pulling the muscles becomes impaired and they lose their smooth flowing motion. An irritated tendon causes swelling, pain, redness and inability to move the joint.

The area of a tendon that is liable to get damaged or injured is known as a watershed zone and the blood supply to this zone is poor therefore the body finds it difficult to reach oxygen and other nutrients for tissue repair and healing. Tendonitis can also occur due to underlying diseases such as arthritis and gout.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Tendonitis


Turmeric For Tendonitis

The first crucial step to heal tendonitis is to reduce inflammation which can be done by resorting to natural anti-inflammatory agents such as turmeric. This spice has exceptional healing and curative powers and is widely used in treating almost every ailment and bodily dysfunction.

Take a teaspoon of hot ghee and mix it with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Swallow the mixture with hot milk every night before going to bed. The swelling and pain will go away and the injured tendons will start healing rapidly.

Proper Rest

You should rest the affected joints and discontinue the movements which exacerbate the pain. If you are doing an activity continuously and extensively which is aggravating the pain, switch to some other task and relieve the stress and pressure on the involved tendons.

Proper Rest For Tendonitis

Take regular breaks and ease the tensed muscles by contracting them and relaxing them for five minutes. This will stimulate the blood circulation and help to diminish the swelling and the pain.

Dried Ginger

Dried ginger has remarkable healing qualities. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties relieve swelling and pain, propound quick healing and enhance the blood circulation to the watershed zones of the tendons. Add a teaspoon of ginger powder to hot ghee.

Next add a tablespoon of chopped almonds and some powdered lump sugar. Eat this mixture every morning. Ghee will smoothen the irritated tendons and almonds will provide essential nutrients required for healing the damaged tissues.

Dried Ginger For Tendonitis

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Ice is very helpful in relieving the swelling and providing immediate relief. Fill an ice bag with ice cubes and place it on the swollen and painful area. Keep the bag in place for ten minutes.

Keep moving the bag gently in a circular motion to allow the chilliness to penetrate the joint. Use this remedy at least three times daily. The swelling will diminish rapidly and the stiffness and pain too will abate.

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Ghee is extremely useful in healing the damaged tissues and restoring the smooth gliding movement of the tendons.

Its anti-inflammatory properties do away with the swelling and pain and infuse new strength into the tissues and the cells of the tendons. Take a teaspoon of pure ghee with your meals daily.

Ghee For Tendonitis