Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease which mainly affects the lungs, bones, glands and intestines of human body. The disease is caused by tubercle bacillus germ. This germ after entering into our body multiplies rapidly and this leads to accumulation of small spots called tubercle. These germs can affect any part of our body.

Among the various types of tuberculosis, tuberculosis of lungs is very common type of tuberculosis today. Loss of weight, decrease in body energy, mild fever and loss of color are the main symptoms of this disease. Tuberculosis slowly eats up the entire body of the patient. Breathing in impure air is the main source of this disease. However, poor life style, unhealthy food, lack of sleep, smoking, use of tobacco, consumption of alcohol are the other factors responsible for this disease. Healthy food rich in fat, vitamins and proteins can reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Treatment through medications makes the patient weaker and less energized. Moreover, there is always a possibility of other health complications due to these medications. Some home remedies for this disease have been proved to be very effective and helpful. These are simple remedies and there is no other health complication of these remedies. Going for a walk in the morning, consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, consumption of food rich in protein and fat, drinking proper amount of water and a regular exercise can reduce the changes of tuberculosis germ to enter into the body.

This disease becomes more dreaded if our immune system is weak. Hence, steps to improve strength of our immune system should be taken to avoid this disease. Consumption of fruits like apple and orange is very help in improving the immune system and hence is helpful in avoid the chances of tuberculosis. Drinking pineapples juice on a regular basis helps in reducing the symptoms of the disease. Consumption of honey mixed with amla juice is very helpful in treatmensymptt of tuberculosis. Fresh vegetables, especially bottle gourd, are also helpful in this disease. Taking banana on a regular basis gives a great helps in this disease.