Home Remedies for Watery Eyes


Home Remedies for Watery Eyes

Some individuals suffer from excess water being discharged from their eyes that looks like tear drops.

Home Remedies For Watery Eyes

If heat is causing this condition then you must splash cold water into your eyes regularly. The water helps to soothe the burning membranes in your eyes thereby causing some level of relief. Add a few drops of diluted honey or rose water into your eyes. If the complaint is from a child then use them as cotton pads while you make the child lye down and relax. Applying a few drops of rose milk or Aloe Vera juice to your eyes will help to soothe them as well as take care of the burning sensation that will cause your eyes to water.

Aloe Vera For Watery Eyes

If the watery discharge is unbearable then place 2 spoons in the refrigerator and take them out after a few minutes. Place the cold cutlery on your eyes inverted and let the cool metal soothe your eyes. It will take care of the watery discharge automatically.

Carrot juice is very good for the eyes. It contains beta carotene which ensures better vision. Drink a glass or two every week for better resistance.

Carrot Juice For Watery Eyes

If your eyes are really tired then look at an open pasture or walk on grass if possible. If you do not have access to a field then look at a picture of one. Avoid looking at it on the computer or Television as the rays from them cause damage to your eyes.

Away From Computer

If your job requires you to work on the computer all day then you must take a few short breaks and walk around away from your monitor.

Remedies for Watery Eyes