Home Remedies for Wrinkles

When I was a teenager I dreaded turning older as I feared a face full of wrinkles and sagging skin but then I would turn around and look at my mother. She never went to a spa and yet she looked radiant. At 45 she had a pinkish glow on her cheeks and her skin was smooth as a baby’s bottom. I asked her what was the secret to her glow and she shared with me various home remedies to look 10 years younger than you are.

Firstly you must wash your face with warm water and towel dry. Apply a mixture of milk cream with a few drops of lemon juice and massage this onto your skin till it is completely absorbed. Wash off after half an hour to reveal radiant glowing skin.

Olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil massages are very good for your skin as it moisturizes it deeply.

Wrinkles are caused due to lack of moisture. Wash your face only with warm water or cold water. Hot water strips you from moisture.

You diet must include 8 glasses of liquids (water and fresh fruit juices only). Eliminate tea, coffee, aerated drinks and energy drinks from your system. Eat green leafy vegetables and orange and red fruits. Nuts and berries are good for improving the texture of your skin.

Smoking contributes to wrinkles and fine lines on your face in addition to be hazardous for your health. Avoid smoking and smoke prone areas.

Rapid weight loss causes the skin to sag. If you are on a weight loss programme keep your goals realistic. Generally it is safe to loose 1 pound a week to avoid complication.

When exposed to the sun, use a strong sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type.

Avoid tension and smile as far as possible. Keeping yourself happy and healthy shows results in your health in all ways.