Home remedies for yeast infections

Candidiasis is a fungal infection of any of the Candida species. A fungus called candida albicans, which is in general found in small quantity in the vagina, is usually responsible for the vaginal yeast infection. These infections are mostly accompanied by redness, itching and discomfort but are treatable. Candidiasis is a very familiar ground of vaginal pain and can also crop up in male genitals. There is a good amount of home remedies for curing the yeast infections:Plain yogurt: The bacteria of plain, unsweetened yogurt fight yeast infections. Curd is considered as one of the best home remedies. By soaking a tampon into a plain curd and then introducing it in the infected area for an hour is a good home remedy for yeast infection. The unhealthy yeast bacteria will be replaced by healthy bacteria from the curd. This should be done 2-3 times a day.

Garlic: One of the biggest enemies of the yeast is garlic and is therefore, one of the most successful home remedies for yeast infection. One can insert a garlic clove in the vagina to get a calming relief from the irritation of the infection. As garlic is antifungal, any yeast infection can be cured with the help of garlic.

Apple Cider vinegar: This can be used both internally and externally and is very useful in fighting yeast infection. Apple cider vinegar should be diluted in water before using it in places infected with yeast as it is very strong. If applied raw, it will kill the yeast but the places will burn badly. Hence it should always be diluted with water. A cup of apple cider vinegar if mixed with warm water and taken bath can be relaxing and soothing.

Water: Water, according to many Physicians, is one of the most powerful secret remedies to all diseases. Intake of sufficient water everyday not only reduces the chances of yeast infection but also keeps the body fit and healthy in the long run.

Oil of oregano: This amazing herb is very potent against yeast infection. One has to take it internally to fight the infection.

If the above home remedies are undertaken properly, they can effectively cure the disease and also prevent the infection from recurring any further.