Home Remedies for your Menstrual Cycle

Growing up my menstrual cycle had a mind of its own. My periods would arrive every 45 to 65days and I would go on day without end wondering when it would arrive. What was more frustrating was that I had to restrict the clothes I wore till it arrived. I spent months waiting in anticipation till things finally settled down after my mother stated me on a few home remedies. This kind of kick started my cycle to be more regular that it was in the past.

Home remedies

Wash a bunch of parsley and boil in to make a tea. It needs to be in a proportion of 2:1 (2 cups of water: 1 cup of parsley). Boil the water first and once it is done add the parsley. Once you put the parsley in the water remove the pan from the heat and pour into a jar. Let it seep for a few minutes before you pour the drink. Strain the tea and sweeten the drink as it will have a strong taste. Drink 4 cups a day for immediate reaction.

An alternative to this is using the parsley through vaginal insertions. Wash the twig thoroughly and insert it into the vagina. This helps the cervix to soften and helps it to open up for release. In the beginning it will feel a little uncomfortable but your body will generate heat to soften the leaf and in a few minutes you will be unaware of the presence of the foreign object. Change the leaf every 6 hours and leave it overnight as well. You will feel relief if you are in any pain and should get your periods within 48- 72 hours.

If for any reason you have the slightest doubt that you may be pregnant then following the above remedies is strictly prohibited.