Home Remedies To Avoid And Cure Belching

All babies are expected to be burped and a parent will not stop trying to get the child to burp and breathe a sigh of relief when she does. However, the same cannot be said for adults. An adult burping or belching is a sign of bad manners and is definitely frowned upon. It is a condition where there is excess gas in the abdomen that is released from the mouth. This can cause a lot of embarrassment in a social setting.  

Causes of belching

Eating or drinking rapidly causes a person to belch. Fizzy drinks, smoking and gulping air can cause a noise to be released from your stomach along with a pocket of air. Belching helps to release the gas from the stomach and cause a lot of relief. Indigestion can cause a person to belch as well; however in this case a foul smell is released.

Home remedies to cure belching

There are several fruit salts that are available and drinking a glass of it can give immediate relief from the acidity. However care must be taken not to make drinking this a habit as consuming too much f it can cause negative effects as well.

Drink a glass of lemon juice with salt and honey will help to relieve any acidity that you are suffering from.

Avoid eating your food fast or swallowing water quickly as it allows air to pass as well. This increases the likelihood of you belching after your meals. Chew your food well and relax your muscles when you are eating. If you are tense or anxious while eating you increase your risk of burping after your meals.

Pineapples and pomegranate are good for your digestive system. Eat the fruit or drink a glass of the fresh juice to relieve you from your anxiety.

Mint and fennel are known to be cooling. Add them to your tea and make a strong brew to cool your internal system.

Some cases are noted where milk causes indigestion. In this case the person may be lactose intolerant, a condition where the person is allergic to all dairy products. In this case you must avoid drinking milk and all dairy products over all and switch to soy products.