Home Remedies to Cure a Heat Stroke

What is a heat stroke?

A heat stroke is a condition where the body is dehydrated due to extreme exposure to the rays of the sun. This can be dangerous to ones life. When you are exposed to the sun; your body begins to perspire. This perspiration is the loss of fluid in your system. In this condition the temperature of the body continues to rise and is unable to regulate itself. The higher the temperature and the longer the stroke lasts the more intense is the heat stroke. If it is not taken care of immediately it can lead to loss of all body fluids and eventually death.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the common symptoms include loss of consciousness, extreme dehydration leading to skin reddening and anxiety. However, one must note that in some cases there are no symptoms but the person may fall unconscious at the blink of any eye.

What cause the attack?

If you are unable to acclimatize your body to extreme heat then you may suffer from a heat stroke. Wearing tight fit clothing and heavy materials in hot weathers can also trigger a heat stroke. Consuming too much alcohol during the hot months add a reason for the stroke. In addition to these people suffering from heart diseases and diabetics are more prone to heat strokes. Obese people generally perspire a lot and hence are at higher risk of heat strokes.

How to care for a person having a heat stroke?

If you see a person having a heat stroke then you must take them out of the heat immediately. Loosen all tight clothing or remove the clothes and attempt to lower the body temperature. If the person is conscious then help him to drink water and sprinkle water all over the person’s body.

Call emergency services immediately or rush the person to an emergency care unit.