Home Remedies To Cure A Sore Throat

In your daily tea cup pour enough honey to make sure that the bottom of the cup is not visible. On top of the honey pour a few drops of lemon so that there is another layer formed. After that pour boiling hot water and stir the mixture till the honey melts. Drink this to relieve the pain caused by the sore throat.

Chilly powder will help to cure your dilemma. Add a half a spoon of chilly powder to your daily cup of tomato soup and drink it as hot as you can. The chilly powder will cause a burning sensation in your throat and reduce the itching. Do this a few times to get relieved from the pain completely.

Add a few drops of vinegar to hot water and gargle as many times as you can. The same thing can be done with salt. Salt provides instant relief.

Adding apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water and a spoon of honey makes a delicious drink that helps to get rid of a sore throat.

Boil a glass of milk with turmeric and pepper and drink it as hot as you can. You may add honey to sweeten the preparation.

Ginger and garlic are known to soothe the throat as well. Blend ginger and garlic together to form a paste. Store this in a jar in the refrigerator. Mix a pea size amount of the paste with a spoon of honey and eat it as many times a day as you can. The ginger and garlic will give you instant relief and helps to get your voice back.

The following ingredients have curative properties against a sore throat

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and helps to kill the germs and bacteria that cause a sore throat thereby soothing the throat.

Pepper helps to increase the flow of blood in the throat and helps to speed up the healing process.

Lemon helps to heal the membranes in the throat.

Honey adds to the nutritional value of the remedy as well as helps to soothe the throat