3 Home Remedies to Cure a Stiff Neck

What causes a stiff neck?

Poor posture, muscle strain due to exertion, can cause a stiff neck. Sudden neck movements can also cause the pain to arrive. It is a common issue amongst the young and the old.

3 Home Remedies to Cure a Stiff Neck

If you are prone to stiff necks then there are certain measures that you must take to prevent this from occurring. Use a pillow that is comfortable and made of pure cotton and not synthetic fibers. Your pillow must elevate your neck 3 inches above your body and support your body to an angle that is comfortable. Usually a bad posture while you are sleeping is the main cause of a stiff neck. Sleep on a firm mattress rather than a soft one. Your mattress must support your spine and prevent your body from sagging. Sleep on your back rather than your stomach and avoid rolling during the night. If you normally have a tendency to roll then place pillows on either sides to support your body and prevent you from having sudden movements in your sleep.

Home Remedies To Cure The Stiff Neck

Neck Massage

If you have a pain in your neck then gently massage the area with a balm that generates heat. Wrap the area with a cloth to lock in the heat and prevent cold air from touching the area. The balm will help to facilitate movement of your neck else you will have a stiff neck that you will not be able to rotate. This is extremely painful and can take days to rectify.

hot water bottle

Use a hot water bottle on the area to relieve the muscle tension and prevent cramping in the area.

Avoid cold air touching your neck directly while you are sleeping.

For short term relief you must take a pain killer, however, if the pain seizes to desist then you must consult a doctor for a prescription.

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